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Chadstone Open Australia Day 2015

Fri, 23 Jan 2015 08:14 pm By Admin

Chadstone Shopping Centre will be open on the Australia Day public holiday (26 January 2015) from 10am until 6pm.

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Boxing Day 2014: Stonnington rakes in $25,950 in fines around Chadstone Mon, 19 Jan 2015 07:28 pm By Admin

Beware the Stonnington Permit Zones around Chadstone - Chadstone Development Discussions A report (dated 20 Jan 2015) in the Stonnington Leader gazette has reported of how Chadstone shoppers who parked illegally were slapped with $25,950 in fines on 26 December 2014.

The motorists were parked illegally on the surrounding streets of Chadstone. The most common fine was stopping in a permit zone without a valid permit, followed by stopping in front of driveways, parking in no stopping zones, and other "related breaches to the general road rules".'s Theory
Because Chadstone Shopping Centre is located on the fringes of Stonnington, many shoppers who do not reside in the municipality were unaware of the parking restrictions in force around the Centre. Although there is prominent parking restrictions signage located throughout the streets, many shoppers were either in a rush and didn't take the time to check, or they saw others parked in permit-only zones and erroneously believed that it was OK to do the same. Some were even arrogant enough that they decided it was worth the risk of a fine than to engage in a frustrating fight for a car space within the Chadstone compound. Either way, the pre- and post-Christmas shopping rush are major earners for Stonnington, especially Boxing Day, during which Council can issue fines in the Chadstone area totalling almost 2% of their parking infringement revenue for the entire month of December.

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Chadstone shoppers asked to evacuate - incident Tue, 13 Jan 2015 05:56 pm By Admin

Sirens and a voiceover have told shoppers to stay calm, and later, evacuate the centre. An unknown incident has reportedly occurred at approximately 5:45pm today.

Fire trucks have been seen trying to entering the centre through heavy traffic.

Update 5:58pm: Centre Management have told the media that faulty fire alarm has led to a false alarm, and there was no actual incident.

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Boxing Day rush 2014 - Traffic Snarls around Chadstone Fri, 26 Dec 2014 10:00 am By Admin

It's only 9:45am on Boxing Day 2014 and traffic surrounding Chadstone is almost at a standstill

Fairfax radio spoke to Centre Manager Anthony Rafaniello about the Boxing Day sales.

"It's been very very busy, obviously at 5am Myer opened and the shoppers are streaming in as the centre opened at 7am."

"There's a lot of queues around the fashion brands. Some of the big fashion brands [have] sales 50% off, up to 70% off, and we've got a very big range of fashion stores here so fashion probably beeen one of the big ones."

When asked about why the boxing day sales still attracts so many people, despite early online sales, Mr Rafaniello said "I think its tradition. You know, there's carloads people coming in groups, so they're sort of making a bit of a day out. But the sales are essentially centre wide versus select retailers that might have had small sales in the week leading to to Christmas, But whole Centre on sale today".

Asked about the patronage for the pre-Christmas period, Mr Rafaniello said "We won't actually have the final sales figures until end of month. But in traffic terms, it was strong, but I don't think it will be a record breaking year.

"I think that Boxing day today is a very strong day. it's only 9:45, but it started very early, so I think today will be a very very strong sales day.

i think there'll be string sales for next week at least. So it's definitely the time to come in and pick up those items that people have been looking for. And we're open till 10pm tonight, so there's plenty of time.

Mr Rafaniello gave some tips on the best times to come to the Centre on Boxing Day. "You either have to come early, so you really need to come right now and it's already really built up. I would say after 3pm is a good time to come, because we're open right though to 10pm, so after 3pm it'll be a lot easier, after 5pm it will be even easier".

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Pre-Xmas 2014 Weekend figures down: Centre Manager Mon, 22 Dec 2014 04:43 pm By Admin

When Fairfax radio asked about patronage of the Centre over the weekend preceding Christmas 2014, Centre Manager Anthony Rafaniello said "I wouldn't say it was record breaking, but strong and steady". "It was probably slightly less than I was hoping for personally". He goes on to say "It was definitely strong and steady. Now we need to put this into context: Christmas this year falls on Thursday, last year it was Wednesday, so there's still three full days of shopping, and we're open till midnight tonight, then we've got the 34 hour trade. So essentially from now until Christmas Eve, there's only 8 hours the whole shopping centre is closed. so I think more people have left it slightly later, because a lot of them have finished work on Friday and they've now got three full days of shopping."

When asked whether it was because people were under financial strain, he said "I think it's because more people have left it until slightly later, but as I said, it was very strong steady traffic, I think it was more spread out, so that's why it didn't feel as chaotic. You know, people spread it out over the day, we are open until midnight everyday."

Mr Rafaniello said Boxing day is the busiest day of the year, followed by Christmas Eve.

When asked whether parking was a nightmare, Mr Rafaniello responded by saying "It definitely wasn't a nightmare. I think we've done a lot of things to improve the parking. Obviously on Boxing Day, with the number of people we have, it's going to be busy, but we still have over 9000 car spaces, more than any other shopping centre, we've partnered with PTV to add additional public transport services. For people that want to come by train, Oakleigh train station is the gateway to Chadstone. PTV partnered with us to have buses every 4 minutes leaving Oakleigh during the week and every 10 minutes during weekends. On top of that, we have traffic controllers directing people, and all our staff are parking off-site so in fact, we've probably got more car spaces than we've ever had in net terms."

The centre has its 34 hour trade from Tuesday 23rduntil Wednesday 24th

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